Research Methods Supercourse Introduction

BA Super Help Desk Introductory Lectures: The Help Desk provides a lectures for 12 of the major areas to which there will be questions for the help desk. Before you contact the help desk we expect that you will review at least one lecture in each topic in order to provide a basic understanding for your question and fill Survey Form. If you would like additional knowledge you can visit the Main Help Desk Web Pages Please include your Survey Form to your message to “BASupercourse Help Desk”


Please include your Survey Form to your message to BASupercourse Help Desk”

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Bias and confounding
Bias, Confounding and the Role of Chance. Part I    Part II
Bias and Confounding. Part I      Part II               Part I   In Spanish      Part II  In Spanish
Missing data Data Sets and Outcome Measures. Part I      Part II     Part III
Data Quality Control
Planning Research Research planning   (in Spanish)
Power calculations
Presentation of Data Presentation and interpretation of epidemiological data: objectives
Organizing data in tables and charts: Criteria for effective presentation

Biostatistics course Part 3. Data, summary and presentation   in Spanish
Publishing Publishing research articles: a look on the inside
Registries MORBIDITY DATA: REGISTRIES AND SURVEILLANCE     (Version in Spanish)      (In Portuguese)
Sampling Sampling Technique & Sampling Size    In Spanish
Study design Sampling Frames and Study Types: Studies on life events    in SpanishStudy Designs for Clinical and Epidemiological Research   in Russian   in RomanianStudy Designs in Epidemiology
Surveillance Overview of Public Health Surveillance. Part I   in Chinese   Part II
Survey design A Primer on Sample Survey     In Chinese    Chinese version 2
Statistical packages Introduction to Statistical Packages